200 years of fashion history‘, 2022

Veenkoloniaal Museum, 12 June – 20 November 2022

Helena Vegter made a series for the exhibition ‘200 years of fashion history‘, with Fay Loren as her model.

The photographs will be exhibited next to the historical garments and will give an impression of the way the clothing was worn during their time eras.
Helena Vegter and Fay Loren, with their strong personal interest in fashion history, make-up and hairstyling, will bring the historical clothing to life through their art.



About the exhibition
The exhibition ‘van korset tot paillet:, 200 years of fashion history at the Veenkoloniaal Museum‘ will be exhibited from June 12 till the 20th of November. The museum will showcase an overview of 200 years of fashion history and offers the visitor a journey through time with a selection of impressive historical garments.


Each piece of clothing tells its own story to the viewer. For example, the process of creating clothing changed with the introduction of the sewing machine. Many clothing stores were established, also in and around Veendam. Fashion changed with new colors due to the invention of bright synthetic aniline dyes. Fashion also started to unleash reactions. The bird protection foundation, for example, was set up as a reaction to the animal-unfriendly women’s hat trend at the end of the nineteenth century. The function of clothing changed over the years. Sparkling Charleston dresses were made for freedom and dancing.


Van korset tot paillet‘ shows that fashion is so much more than just aesthetic, it tells us about the zeitgeist, developments and culture of the time. Let yourself be carried away this summer in this story of fashion and evolution at the Veenkoloniaal Museum.


About Fay
Fay Loren is the most famous burlesque artist and pin-up model of The Netherlands. She has performed all over the world; Las Vegas, Istanbul, Paris and more. Additionally, she often speaks about burlesque in the Dutch media.


About Helena
Helena Vegter is a Dutch glamour photographer and artist. She made the series ‘
Clothing from different cultures‘ and ‘My freedom, Islam‘, which were exhibited in the Eusebius church Arnhem and Q-Factory Amsterdam. 

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