My freedom, Islam‘, 2019
Exhibitions: Presentation night – 14th of June 2019 at Q-Factory, Amsterdam
The photo series ‘My freedom, Islam’ was made in order to show a positive image about Islam. In this series, I want to show muslim feminism. I took pictures of 4 muslim women with different roots in everyday settings to show that they can be muslim and cherish values such as freedom and autonomy at the same time.




Clothing from different cultures‘, 2017
Exhibitions: Eusebius Church Arnhem 2017, Van Beresteyn Cultural Center 2019, Bethesda Hospital Hoogeveen 2020

Clothing from different cultures is a photo series about showing the cultural riches of the world. All photographs are made in the Netherlands, every location was carefully selected to match the clothing.

Noelle/Kenya 🇰🇪 Zuidlaren, Groningen
/Saudi-arabia 🇸🇦 The Lodge, Gilze, Noord-Brabant
Nandini/India 🇮🇳 Hindu Temple Raja Gopuram, Den Helder, Noord-Holland
Soraya/Morocco 🇲🇦 Museum Orientalis, Nijmegen, Gelderland
Mery/Eritrea 🇪🇷 Kootwijk, Gelderland
Khadra/Somalia 🇸🇴 Africa Museum, Berg en Dal, Gelderland



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